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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 17, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a moment eight years in the making, prince william and kate middleton grab headlines around the world, the official announcement of their royal engagements. as the couple basks in congratulations from their families and admirers everywhere, they take time to remember his mother, the late princess diana. from the ring to the proposal to the wedding plans we'll take you inside their storybook romans and look ahead to their big day as we bring you a special edition of "the early show" live from buckingham palace early this wednesday morning, november from buckingham palace early this wednesday morning, november 17th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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and as you can see we are her live for you in london this morning, this special edition "the early show," the royal engagements looking at butdful pictures of bucking hall palace where crowds are gathered, changing of the guard happening moments ago and of course a lot of buzz on the streets here, as well, for that royal engagement. prince william finally popping the question to his commoner girlfriend kate middleton now joining the royal family. harry there, is a lot of excitement here in the air in london this morning. >> good morning, maggie is off today. i'll tell you, just watching all of the pictures coming in from the uk yesterday, so exciting. she couldn't be any more beautiful and as it turns out, prince william is, indeed, prince charming. i mean, just fantastic and everybody talking about what a mo man tick he is.
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>> absolutely. so many ways, this is the fairy-tale dream girls have. they want their prince charming, especially in the uk, they dream about prince william. we've heard how kate middleton dreamed of him in boarding school. and now, that fairy-tale is coming true. we know, of course, depop the question when they were on vacation. she, of course, said, yes, but now the real speculation begins as to whether it will be at mess stin area abbey or st. paul's cathedral, sparkling and splendid and over the top or more subdued to reflect, of course, the economic times? so now, we start with those questions including the where and the bh. today, the real work begins. after spending last night together at clarence house around the corner from buckingham palace, the royal couple will now meet with advisers to plan this country's most anticipated wedding in decades. >> we've been talking about it for a long time so, for us, it's a real relief and really nice to be able to tell it.
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>> he carried his engagement with him three weeks in bis backpack before finally proposing last month vacationing in kenya. >> did you get down on one knee? >> we know kate tried on the ring. it fit and then gave it back to her fiancee for safekeeping. >> over the years, i knew things were getting better and better. we went through a few stumbling blocks as every relationship does but we picked ourselves up and carried on. >> when you go out with someone for quite a long time you get to know each other very, very well. you go through the good times, you go through the bad times both personally but in the relationship, as well. >> for three weeks, the engagement was their secret. the announcement even caught the queen by surprise, who said she is delighted, as is the father of the groochl. >> obviously thrilled, thank you very much. practicing long enough. >> prince harry says he is ecstatic to finally have a
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sister while the in-lays couldn't be happier. >> we all think he's wonderful and extremely fongd of hichl. they make a lovely couple, great fun to be with and we've had a lot of laughs together. we wish them every happiness for the future. thank you. >> just where and when that future will begin isn't clear. planning a royal wedding in the midst of a recession presents unique challenges. with even the queen making cuts in palace staff, they'll need to plan a wedding simple enough to be considered tasteful yet grand enough to give the country a much-needed lift. >> you know, it's the first big wedding in a while so i think it should be -- >> kate will be a fantastic consort to william. i think she'll be brilliant for the country. she'll, again, she is very good with people. she's not wildly outgoing but incredibly polite and very gentle. >> while we wait for the news there are souvenirs to buy. they are all right printing the plates. so, more detail now on what we
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can expect ginning us is ingrid seward, editor of "majesty magazine" writing about the royals some 17 years now. >> a bit longer. >> the perfect fern for us to ask. as you look at this, everything we learned yesterday really was a fairy-tale moment this sweet engagement which prince william held back on the detail as bit saying he wanted to keep it private. is it what you expected when we finally learned of an engagement? >> i think it was. i thought william would be very cool in the interview. and he was affectionate and patted her leg occasionally but he let her talk, which is pretty modern, you know. i think when charles and diana did their interview it was mostly charles that did the talking. >> it was. and sort of may i speak, may i not? you mentioned it is more modern. there is mention the family needs to modernize a bit. is kate middleton exactly what the family need at this point. >> i think she s. they are modernizing quite well but i think injection of glamour, beauty and youth is exactly what they need.
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>> and it's been said actually the queen is fairly fond of her. >> the queen doesn't know her. they've only met once. but, prince charles is very fond of her and camilla is extremely fond of her as you can see from her interview yesterday. >> how important is that for kate as she joins this royal family, to have that backing? >> she needs that support. she's going to need a lot of support from them, although she's been around william if eight years, she doesn't really know what she's getting herself in for and she needs the support of the duke and duchess of corn wal, charles and camilla and the queen will be there in the background. >> you say she doesn't really know what she's getting herself in for. what is it she's now in for. >> i wish we know. none of us know what it's like to be in for. >> what is the like to join the royal family and marrying prince william, how significant of a change for her in her life? this morning sle wakes up and it is totally different. >> for starters she'll have a detective with her all the time and living in one of the royal residences when not with william
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in his cottage in wales and will really have to watch everything she says and does and as fergie always said and diana told her, just keep smiling. that's what she sdimplts she has a beautiful smile. we see her on the cover of every paper this morning, radiant at every bride should be at this point. what do you expect from their wedding? >> i think it will probably be at westminster abbey but i'm always wrong. i think it will probably be at westminster abbey. they have what they call a magic 400 guests to invite i'm afraid poor kate will probably not have that many of her friends there. it will be very royal. >> among that 400, that is, dignitaries, heads of state, those are the 400 you are talking about they have to -- >> heads of state, dng how big an occasion it will be then the queen's immediate family and then, of course, kate middleton's family come a bit down the line. william will be determined not to let them be sucked in by the royal sort of machine, i think he wants them to have a bit of a say in this. >> they really seem to be making their own path, something, too,
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diana started for her children, really wanting them to have this quote/unquote as normal a live as possible and seems se continuing that as much as he can even in this engagement. >> diana said to him as a young kid, you are going to have my engagement ring, william, for your fee awn see when you grow up and he's carried that through and he said make sure your fiance is your friend before do you anything else. >> which is what he said yesterday. and exactly why he thinks it will work because they were friends first s. this a royal marriage you see lasting? >> it has to last and william knows that better than anyone and kate comes from such a secure background unlike fergie and background both from broken homes. i think this is the thing the queen is really thrilled about, this girl has had a very happy childhood. and she's very together and she's sort of holds herself well, i think she knows what's going on. >> a fine role model. we'll look forward to talking more about this, of course in the weeks and months to come as
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we build up. great to have you with us this morning. thank you. >> harry, back to you. >> all right, erica. thank you very much. ingrid, thank you. over to the news desk now where jeff glor is standing by. >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone. the russian man accused of selling millions in weapons to terror groups will be in court today in new york. viktor bout, called the merchant of death arrived in manhattan early this morning after
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13 minutes past the hour. that's your weather. now here's harry.
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welcome back to the royal engagements this special edition of "the early show" live from london joined from tom abbie from i-tv. so many people waiting to hear about it. we were talking quickly in the break and you said prince william did a good job keeping this quiet, close to the vest. that's really his m.o., isn't it? >> yes. i mean, you know, many years ago, he didn't really -- you know, not wanting him to do this job at all, king, every time he's grown into it but the one thing he's kept, i shall think, a core sense he wants to live life on his terms in his way. yes, he's prepare to do things
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expected of him but wants to control it to a degree. i think we saw that the way he handled this announcements, waited three weeks, kept it to himself, people were pretty sure he was engaged but people in his office waiting for him -- >> he seemed very affectionate with her, not always something you see from a royal couple. >> surely not. >> if ever. >> if ever, yeah. >> what about their demeanor, did you -- stood out to you, i should say, or did you notice, were there knowing glances? >> i mean, i've known them sort of reasonably well quite a long time so, you know, the interview was, i suppose, unrepresentative of our -- of the time we normally spend together. she was very nervous and i spent half an hour upstairs before and we had a laugh about things in an attempt to relax her. i think we are all conscious of the last interview like that charles and diana, spectacularly awful. he said whatever love is still
7:19 am
gets replayed. i said beforehand, look this is your happy day. i've only one task to try to avoid mucking it up. people are curious about you. this is -- normally i cover politics. it is a conversation. i just want, you know, give you a chance to relax and talk about yourselves. hope he fully that went okay. what are they like normally? they are very -- they love each other. they are very fries nice, they are good friends, great sense of humor and enjoy each other's company. i think a significant point to make they put a lot of thought into this. i would bet a large amount of money they'll never be divorced or anything like that. they know they are stuck in there until the end of time together. i can't promise they'll be happy. i hope they will. i'm sure they were but they know they are in there and put a lot of thought into that. >> you mentioned, too, the half hour you spent with them before the interview. >> yeah. >> kate middleton was understandably a bit nervous. the nerves of coming out and doing this interview or the nerves of the reality setting in she will be in there for the rest of her life? >> i don't think she's worried about that.
7:20 am
i think they've devoted an awful lot of thought to that and i think they are happy together. they know -- in a curious way, i suppose like the whole prince philip marriage. if you know you are stuck together until the end of time, in a way it almost makes it easier, no point carrying on with argument because you are still stuck there next week, next month. in a way i don't think that's their problem but has never done anything like this before and suddenly has to come out and do an interview watched by hundreds of millions of people and replayed. if it had gone wrong, would have hahned her slash all of us for years and years and years. i think that was a very -- i can't imagine a more intimidating interview for three of us who know each other quite well to sit down and do that interview but we got through it. >> you know them quite well. back in the states we seem to think kate middleton seems so quote-unquote normal. are they as normal as they seem to an outsider. >> harry and william have have
7:21 am
been very unlike other royals the william is a little more conscious of his position, he has to be, even more careful. harry is, frankly, quite stupid in the past, a very charming guy. >> right. he's learning. >> he's learning. but, you know, they -- yeah, they are normal and nice. >> it is great. we enjoyed watching it and the interview. thanks for stopping by and giving more insight. i'm sure we'll see more in the coming months and there will be more to come. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ daisy, do a dollop our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop
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we know she is the commoner who is now engaged to the prince but who really is kate middleton? we're going to take a closer look at this young lady, which all the world is now buzzing
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about, harry. >> erica, thank you for bringing all the excitement to us this morning. much more from london ahead. back here we'll start talking about shopping. in earnest, ways online we can save you serious, serious dough. rebecca jarvis along with that. we have a surprising new day's start after surprising damaging weather overnight. sharon has its effect. and thank you, temperatures in the mid-50s. and behind last night's weather, we'll see a rather windy day and wind advisory up throughout the day and sun's out and we'll call it a high of 61. sun stays out and windy throughout the day. hi, sharon. hi, marty, still a lot of left overproblems and the typical accidents.
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like the new sunrise subway melt. melted goodness made irresistible. and we continue the coverage with the wind damage done in north east baltimore overnight. andrea fujii is live at the scene. more wind gusts are coming through here and that's worrying the crews. take a look at the scene here. roofs are blown off and sides of homes ripped off and live wires are on the street and residents were awakened by what looked like a scene from "the wizard of oz." the power is out and the bge crews and agencies are assessing the damage now. the national weather service is expected to be here to determine if this was a tornado. three were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and nearly 13,000 homes remained without electricity.
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and and roundable count -- and and roundable county has several homes without power. for more information, go to now, stay with wjz-13, ,,,,,
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the royal engagements. "the early show" is live this morning in london outside of buckingham palace to bring you all the very latest on the upcoming royal wedding. prince william and kate middleton, of course, announcing their engagement yesterday and, boy, has it gotten a lot of attention, as you would imagine on the cover of nearly newspaper not just in the uk but around the globe this morning. i wanted to share a couple with you, harry. kate middleton is really just stunning in blue and she popped so much on the cover of all these newspapers, you saw the
7:31 am
"star," here is "the sun" and i believe the "daily mail" just three but the happy couple on the front of eve one and a sweet glance how they looked at each and everyone is talking about how truly they are in love and it paid off for the really good friends to make sure this wasment to be. >> all this comments about him being such a roma tin tick and she's in the blue dress that matchels the engagement ring, sapphire. >> uh-huh. >> well, we've been talking about shopping a lot here on the broadcast the last couple of days and are going to continue to talk about that this morning and how to save money on holiday gifts. there are dozens if not hundreds of money-saving websites out there and our financial guru rebecca jarvis is here to tell you about the more obscure ones that can help you save even more cash. erica? >> all right. we'll be looking forward to that. back here in london, we thought this was a perfect opportunity
7:32 am
to give you a better idea who kate middleton is and so mark
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winds and a dip aaron 40, the winds will be stronger in the next three hours and 61 degrees is the high and tonight, 37 and partly cloudydy and that's a look at your latest weather. hairley, back to you in new york. >> thank you. up next, have you been combing the internet for bargains? let us be your cyberspace guide to the best deals around. we'll point you to some great
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in this morning's money watch there, are lots of websites that offer great ways to save this holiday season but there are some great ones you may never have heard of. cbs news business and economics correspondents rebiya jarvis back to point us in the online direction we need to go. the first one just even love the name of called couponsherpa. what does it do? >> let it be the guide to all of your coupons from online coupon codes to printable coupons to mobile applications. this is a website, if you go and have something you want a coupon for you can look it up and you will find multiple coupons for it. that's the one caveat here. you'll have to sift through a lot of information but just in looking at it yesterday we found coupons for ann taylor for 30% off, for target, a dollar off items, radioshack, coupon for $10 off. i should mention it is not just for retailers but also grocery shopping, too. you can get it all one place. >> this is a place you absolutely should go before you
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leave the door. >> that's right. >> i mean, because -- >> makes your life a lot easier. >> what is this one i've not heard of silok? >> this website can come in handy this time of year, the holidays, a lot of temporary needs, whether a table or few extra chairs because the family is coming over. this lets you rent from people in your area and also list things you have for people in your area to rent from you. so, for example, we found a sewing machine for $10 a day, a wedding dress, $100 if you want to rent a wedding dress. >> kate middleton happened to be -- no, i'm sorry. >> that's actually a little more expensive, hers. >> right. that's a good one. this other one worth people listening for just a moment if they want to just put the coffee down. this is called billshrink. you've got all these bills, everybody is trying the best they can to sort of, you know, pull together their resources, and whatnot. what does billshrink do? >> it lets you find the best deal for your needs from your
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cable needs to your internet, your phone, your cell phone, your energy plan. if you go to and you put in what your needs are, your area, your location, you answer about a five-minute survey, they are going to come back to you and tell you the very least expensive plans that meet your needs. and all of these different areas. so, you can really see your bills shrink. >> that's terrific. shopittome. >> shopittome. >> that's the french pronunciation, harry. the whole concept is shop it to me because what you do is go to the website and fill out your needs and say to the different retailers you like to shop at from 9west and victoria's secret and she send you what you want. >> shopittome. thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the oddsmakers this britain having a field day taking bets on everything from the royal wedding day to the color of the queen's hat, all that and more, when we come back.
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share the fun at a chilly morning, to say the least, but the feelings are warm. the emotions. >> i feel warmed by the serenade of the violin this morning. >> looks good. there's buckingham palace and right in front is erica hill not holding down the fort but holding up the palace, i'd say. good morning. >> morning, erica. >> good morning. such a trip to be here. you're right it is chilly but plenty of warm sentiments in the air and plenty of people looking to make a little money off this wedding, too. shockingly they are already out there. >> the puntsers right? >> it is amazing. >> we lost erica. >> not just for things like the
7:49 am
dates but people talking about the date of the wedding. everybody wants to know. harry, jeff, i know you need to plan your travel and get it done but looking at dates. what i find more interesting there are 24 different choices of dress color they are taking odds on. ivory leads right now, the longest odds for green and brown. who wears a brown wedding dress? certainly not a princess. >> i like the bet on where will the wedding take place and in las vegas was 1000-1. >> i think elvis is available, though. >> right. i also love my favorite is betting on the color of the queen's hat. >> got to go with blue, right? >> feels like it. erica. lots more coming up from london in just a little bit and we are also going to reveal "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. >> not me. >> a little bit later on "the early show." i couldn't sleep right. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up. took a shower...
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hello, it's 7:55. it's breezy outside. and the wind is nothing like last night. and our complete coverage continues with andrea fujii live from the seen. well, don, the wind gusts we're getting is what's worrying the crews. take a look at what they're dealing with in north east baltimore. the roofs were torn off and live wires were on the street and residents were awakened at 1:30. and power is out here.
7:56 am
bge crews here and agencies are assessing the damage now. the national weather service is expected to be here to determine if this was a tornado. go to for more on the radar and marty has the weather now from the weather center. we'll go ahead and take a look at the forecast. and it's sunny and windy and gusty. and 61 degrees is the high this day and sending it over to sharon gibala now. wjz-13, tv traffic control. and it's not going well out there. we have a new problem and it's causing a big problem on the jfx. the accidents blocking the lanes here at north avenue. again, blocking all lanes at
7:57 am
cold spring lane with a backup to fayette. take charles and falls as the alternate. one at 32 and 295. and exit 195 at 195, an accident and watch for a wreck on frederick and one on putty hill avenue and debris from last night. that's between pairing parkway and harford road. meantime, you have debris blocking all lanes. and old 7, a downed tree and lights out at pulaski and white marsh. and we can take a live look outside and see those at the west side of the beltway. this was brought to you by key ya motors -- kia motors. thank you, and stay with
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we are live from london for the royal engagement special edition of "the early show" from in front of buckingham palace this morning. we'll take a closer look this hour at kate middleton the fiance of prince william and the inevitable comparisons between her and the woman who would have been her mother-in-law prince william's late mother, princess diana. are those comparisons fair? we'll get to that, harry, and a few more things ahead. >> back in the colonies, we'll
8:01 am
see if dave price has made any significant progress in his mission to make it back home by friday. there's dave. unshaven in a car and i'm afraid to say i've been looking at the notes and i think stuck in the mountain time zone. he's had misfortune in idaho and has -- not travels, really almost travails is a better description. we'll get the latest from dave in minutes. first, though, jeff glor at the news desk with a check of the headlines. good morning, jeff. >> he doesn't look good right now. >> he's looked better. >> lrts, harry. good morning to you and everyone. a russian judge appearing in court today in new york. viktor bout was delivered to a manhattan federal lockup early this morning after an extradition flight from thailand. russia pressured the ty government to free the form ser soviet military officer. a former producer accused of
8:02 am
murdering his wife will appear in los angeles federal court to begin what could be a long extradition fight for him. he was arrested yesterday more than seven months after his wife was found dead at a cancun resort. mexican authorities want him returned after a federal criminal complaint filed in los angeles cites chilling testimony from witnesses. it quotes two english teenagers who were staying at the hotel saying this we, quote, awakened by screams, cries for help that sounded like a woman in extreme distress. police have no motives or suspects yet in the brutal murder of a famed hollywood publicist. 64-year-old ronni chasen gunned down early yesterday morning n on sunset bloofd, shot five times in the chest. her car was sent crashing into a light post. she had just attended a movie premiere believed driving home. yesterday, investigators seized computers from her office. on capitol hill today, house republicans and democrats will choose leaders for the coming term. republicans are expected to stick with john boehner of ohio
8:03 am
and despite a challenge from heat shurl, california's nancy pelosi is expected to remain as the top democrat. a soldier awarded the highest military deck indication kould both brave and humble. yesterday he was presented with the medal of honor. these year ago he rescued fellow soldiers in afghanistan despite a wall of fire. president obama says it's what it's all about. >> i'm going to go off script here for just a second and say i really like this guy. >> the first living service member in 40 years to receive the medal of honor. katie couric now with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. more than 65 million people are expected to be diagnosed
8:04 am
8:05 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> all right. that's your weather. we head back now to london and erica. hey, erica. >> hey, jeff. thanks very much. just ahead, kate middleton is quickly becoming the new face of the royal family. and the comparisons with princess diana are, at this point, inevitable but are they fair? we'll take a look and also andrew morton to weigh in the author of controversial and revealing biography on princess diana, that's when "the early show" continues live from london. okay, i need a better pizza.
8:06 am
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yeah, you'll get used to it. the longer you keep your high mileage car, the more it pays you back. get castrol gtx high mileage. it helps engines last longer by fighting the main causes of engine failure. i think a dime went up my nose. yeah, it happens. don't change your car. change your oil to castrol gtx high mileage. its more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. it was impossible to avoid some of the similarities as the engagement what announced think about nearly 30 years ago both wore blue dresses with the same ring on their finger. the comparisons between the two
8:09 am
have already begun but are those comparisons fair? introduced to the world as a shy, demure teen, diana quickly blossomed into a once-in-a-generation princess. loved around the world for her warmth, compassion, and devotion. >> i would love to have met her and -- and obviously she's an inspirational woman to look up to. >> with tuesday's official announcements the parlor game of comparing kate to william's late mother kicked into high gear, beginning with the ring. >> it's my mother's engagement ring so i thought it was quite nice because obviously she's not going to be around to share in the fun and excitements but my way of -- >> let's see the ring. >> 30 years earlier in a strikingly similar setting, the 18 carat and diamond stunner graced the hand of lady diana
8:10 am
spencer. just 19, she dated charles only six months before their engagement, a far cry from the more than eight-year courtship for this royal couple. >> i'm also glad i've had the time to sort of grow and understand myself more, as well. >> often described as confident kate once quipped the prince was lucky to have her. >> i think everyone can see she's not like diana. she's not a troubled girl from a broken home. she's a very easy-going, happy, well-adjusted girl. >> despite her background oovpz, diana's parents' bitter divorce hahned her, her own marriage arranged for prince charles far from the fairy-tale she dreamed of as a little girl. yet there, is a feeling this royal union will be different, that kate middleton, the commoner backed bay strong family will write her own ending, perhaps a true fairy-tale at last. >> it's about carving your own future. no one's going to -- no one's trying to fill my mother's shoes
8:11 am
and what she did was fantastic. it's about making her own future and kate will do a very good job of that. >> quite an uproar with andrew morton's revealing biography of princess diana was published in 1992, his latest is a look at hollywood royalty tee. he joining us this morning to talk about both. great to have you with us. >> good morning. >> you knew princess diana? what would she think of the woman who would, in fact have been her daughter-in-law? >> she'd be thrilled but a little jealous, as well, i think, because she's been approaching 50 now and seeing the baton, certainly the fashion baton had been passed from one generation to the next so i'm sure she would be advising kate but also a bit of sadness losing a son, as well. >> i want to make sure i get this correct, she told her son, if you find someone you love in life, you must hang onto it and look after it. it appears he has taken his
8:12 am
mother's advice. >> very much so. i was vuk bit fact there were three of them at the engagement yesterday, a bit crowded of course diana, the ghost of diana hung very heavily there and, yes, i mean, she always said to me that the throne will jump a generation, jump prince charles and go to william. and she was always grooming william for a happy life and, also, for a fulfilling life but also where he would do his duty. i think kate would be a very solid partner for him. far more than the queen and prince philip. >> diana said no one ever took her aside and said she was 19, this is what you should expect. >> absolutely. i mean, in a way, symbolically, prince charles asked diana to marry him in the nursery at windsor castle and that symbolized their relationship. they had only known each other effectively 28 days and most of that time camilla parker bowls, his wife, was presents. diana was a virgin and really
8:13 am
didn't know what was going on. kate has road tested the royal family and prince william rod tested her and she knows what she's getting into it, albeit, yesterday was her first real taste of life in the goldfish bowl. >> how do you think she did? >> i think she was nervous. i think it was significant the one question she fluffed on when asked about diana said she was an inspirational figure but lost her way a bit. >> is there any way to answer that question because diana is still so loved not only here but around the world. she's an icon. >> face it, diana was unique, the people's princess and people felt a tremendous rl moved by her passing, what, 13 years ago now. and kate still has her royal learning permit, just learning the ropes. when diana first entered the royal family, she was si lents, by prince charles's side and utterly overwhelmed. when i went on the first tour of
8:14 am
her in australia, she just couldn't cope witt. >> it'll be far different this time around. we're all watching an and enjoying it great to have you here with your insight. thanks so much more to come on "the early show" including a check on our friend dave price doing his best to get home but "no way home" really sounds like the way things are going. the latest from dave just ahead. >> announcer: "no way home" sponsored by new windowsphone. that update right here. is one look and i can see what my brother's up to... what's happening on twitter... and even xbox live. and i'm done. so now i can put the phone away, spend more time with her. spend less time... alone. vo: less staring, more clubbing. new windows phone. get yours at at&t.
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for a limited time get any 2011 volkswagen
8:17 am
time to check in again with dave, who was a bit worried yesterday about having some major setbacks monday. as you'll recall, he started his journey back to new york last friday in anchorage, alaska with $50 and a cell phone. and a jacket that he later lost and on monday, made it to yakima, washington, very impressed. yesterday morning, though, only had gotten as far as coeur d'alene, idaho. this morning, he's only in bozeman, montana. >> dmoob trouble. >> the new title to the series "no way home, no really" dave, how are you this morning? >> uh, harry good morning to you. i'm just going to shut off the radio in the hotel sonata, where i stayed, the hyundai sonata, i have my blanket, a sleeping bag
8:18 am
very comfortable when the seats recline 40 degrees. i'll be visiting the chiropractor when i return sometime next year. last year at this time we were in omaha, nebraska. this year on wednesday in boz dz man, montana. we are in, plain language, some big trouble. we are in bozeman, when they filmed "a river runs through it" ooekt of the continental divide a population of 27,000 people i'm urging at this moment to employ me. we traveled 366 miles overnight and we did not, again, make the progress we wanted, but we took yesterday and we took the time. i just sat here and i said, i need to get things in order. and so, that's what happened. take a look. ♪ you had a bad day >> having lost most of my cash for a clunker the day before, i
8:19 am
was near broke and, if i had any chance of getting home, i had to clean up quickly so that's just what i did at the holiday inn express. >> we're working over here, over. >> my boss, laura hart, executive housekeeper. >> what's the worst thing you've ever seen? >> the worst thing i've ever seen? >> yeah, walking in. >> they were having sex. >> laura has seen everything, because she's been keeping hotel rooms spotless for 16 years. how many thousands of beds have you made? >> i couldn't tell you. >> i'm 44. i've -- i can count the number of beds i've made. she is so good, she can make a bed in two minutes and clean an entire room in 25. so, with a few pointers from the pro -- >> you are going to do wax on, wax off, pull that corner up. that way, you're not touching
8:20 am
any body fluids. that's more protection for you. >> it was time to shine. ♪ i need dollars, dollars, dollars what i need ♪ in the end it took me only 20 minutes to make the bed. the meks time you think of coming and staying in a hotel and not tipping the chambermaid, think again. this is very hard work. cash in hand i set my sights getting as far east as i could go. the issue was. i think i need to take two seconds and figure out where i am and how. i have no idea what to do. to be honest with you, let's stop the interview because i need to -- but i soon frpged out i could afford to rent a car one way from coeur d'alene, idaho to denver, colorado, if i could just get to the rental agency before they close. >> let's go, let's go, let's government and it seemed again like my luck was turning. $72.60 all the way to denver.
8:21 am
do the happy dance. the forecast between idaho and colorado called for snow. unfortunately, i was a weatherman without a coat. see, i had one with i get into my friend devin's car in bellingham, washington but not when i got out in seattle. so, i needed help. luckily, it came in the form of a caring e-mail. anyway you could drop it off? i don't even know where i'm going next from the local four-square church, they brought me some warmth thank you so much, i can't tell you what this means to me. the kindness in coeur d'alene didn't stop there five dollar footlongs. >> amber grant was nice enough to buy me, a perfect stranger,ing dinner and her young daughter picked up exactly how i was feeling. >> i want to go home now. >> i want to go home, sweetie, i want to go home, too. >> so, what's the plan, dave?
8:22 am
>> well, first of all, i left that stinking coat in the hotel in the lobby that i cleaned. i left the coat i got. i have no coat again. i mean, i'm so tired, i'm not even thinking, so i need a coat. i'm still nine hours from denver. i've got to get the car back, or it starts rolling into that second day. so, i don't know what i'm -- i don't know what i'm going to do with that. i have almost no money again to set aside $79 and something cents to pay for it. i'm going to try to work in bozeman this morning and i don't know. i got to fly -- >> you sound beaten down. just know, we are behind you. we think you can do it. we think. >> actually, jeff, actually in front of me. you're in front of me by several thousand miles. >> it is true. >> this is true. stop losing your coats, man. >> your luck is going to change today, i promise! >> i'm counting on that. i miss you guys. >> all right, buddy. >> i miss shaving and showers, i
8:23 am
miss cleanliness. >> if you want to help dave find his way back to new york, find him on twitter or send an e-mail: we'll be right back. >> he needs it! >> announcer: "no way home",,,,,
8:24 am
we're going on live a little early here. there's a news conference and we're listening in right now.
8:25 am
>> they did an unbelievable job in search and rescue. combined efforts of the citizens and the government, we did well of escaping injuries. the rest is sorting everything out. we briefed the mayor and i guess i woke you up around 3:00 and gave her a briefing. i kept her up to date and throughout the morning. she got here and we briefed her and she got a unified command briefing. she's prepared to answer most of the questions and most of the agencies are represented behind me. >> reporter: and again, this was a tornado in fact? >> well, the national weather service is in route. at this point, i don't think it makes a difference. it was extremely high winds and it did an unbelievable amount of damage. >> reporter: can you describe what you've seen? >> i've seen roofs lifted off
8:26 am
of buildings and blown a block away. there's been significant tree damage. and again, this is an absolute miracle we're not here talking about serious injury and deaths based on the pass overs that i've seen and the photos and the damage. it's an absolute miracle. i'm pleased we're all on board and we have the emergency shelter set up and everyone that needs to be here is here to make sure we have the needs of the residents taken care of. we had to move cars and everything that needs to be done to keep people in the lupe on what we're doing minute by minute. >> and do you know how many homes have been effected? >> we have over a thousand power outages. almost a hunch >> and right now, we're making assessments of the houses and we'll give you a count of the
8:27 am
damages and how many will be displaced and as soon as we get that, we'll let you know. >> reporter: do you know anything about injuries? >> we know there's an injury of an arm being broken. when you see the pictures, you'll see there will be stories about someone being in the next room or what one person happened not to be at home last night that would have been dead because the roof came into her bedroom on her bed. we're going to hear a lot of those stories. this damage was horrific and it could have been seriously deadly. i'm just very -- we're very blessed today we're not talking about multiple lives being lost. >> reporter: what are they doing now as far as tree limbs down and wire down. >> we're doing everything and moving trees and the private landowner for pinewood is out clearing debris. we have dpw helping to relocate
8:28 am
cars in the path. we're making sure we're keeping the roads clear. unfortunately, we have emergencies, we'll work like plan orchestra. everyone's doing their part to make it happen. -- it's going to be devastating and it's going to take a while for us to get people back to normal. many won't be able to go back to their homes. that's a significant amount of unrest and trauma. i'm grateful for the red cross for coming in to support the families and i'm going to be
8:29 am
asking other citizens to pitch in and help the families. we're coming up on the holidays and they won't have a place to have thanksgiving in. we're blessed and grateful we don't have serious injuries, we don't have loss of life -- but people's lives won't be back to normal for some time. >> and the winds are getting stronger. >> definitely, we have inspectors out and we'll inspect the buildings and many of them because of the significant impact of the winds going out. , many are unsound and we have the inspectors out inspecting the properties and marking the ones unsafe. and we don't have any further risk of injury or lives lost because people want to go back in, if they're unstable, they're unstable. >> any idea of how the roads will be? >> we're doing all we can to
8:30 am
get the debris off of the road. we don't know if we've had an estimated time, we have everything that we have at our disposal here working on getting the roads back open. >> any idea on how long it will take to get the homes repaired? >> whole sections of the complexes are lifted off and blown a block away. there are 2 x 4's that look like spears into the side of buildings. when we say we'll talk about people who would have been injured or killed, we'll hear those stories. that's the type of damage i've seen. >> >> reporter: we're talking about dozens of town homes, any plans for them to have a place to stay. >> our housing is working with the red cross and we'll make sure people have a place to go. that's why i stressed, we're doing our part and they'll need additional support.
8:31 am
we're going into the holiday season. think about the families. these families will need help, too. we'll be in touch about how we can come together and be in support for the families. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we just heard from mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. and roofs were off and pieces of the houses [people talking over each other] >> three people only had life threatening injuries and one little girl had a broken arm and we're waiting to hear from the national weather service to hear if it was a tornado, but it doesn't matter. so many were affected and so many people don't have a place to sleep tonight. >> thank you. all of that in north east
8:32 am
baltimore and parkville overnight. that was at 1:30 this morning. we'll switch you back over to "the early show" now and we'll continue to cover whatever the wind storm amounts to here. h for. back to you. >> that may be the toughest part of all, making the decision saying to go with it, this is the life we'll lead. >> a lot of people talking about the similarities. >> are you ready? dave, of course on the road with "no way home" and actually is coming true, he is not going to get home. >> he may not. i may never be fully ready but i'll try. >> get used to it. >> a nice day in the s s
8:33 am
>> that's your weather. now here's harry. >> for many of us the most important part of thanksgiving dinner are the leftovers but any other time of the year if we buy too much food, we throw it out. and all of that waste really does pile up, as "early show" consumer correspondent susan koeppen found out. good morning. >> good morning, harry. we're talking about billions of dollars of food being tossed out every year. so, what's being tossed out the most? fruits, veggies, meat and dairy
8:34 am
top the list. between home and work, the kirch bombers are one busy family. between the three of them they find little time to eat the food they buy. you feel you are buying food and just don't use it. >> well, you know, that's the problem. we buy a lot of food and put it in here with the expectation of using it. >> how much food do you think you waste? >> a lot. >> a lot. their pantry is full. >> i see mold going on with this bread. >> this bread is -- yeah, this is going away. >> most of this food will be thrown out. >> yeah, this willing be thrown out. >> how long do you think you've had that. >> maybe three weeks. >> cans of tomato paste they've never used, moldy sausages, eggs and milk past their expiration date. i was looking at your eggs, october 2nd, they expired sgloong a freezer filled with half a cow. i didn't, half a grass-fed krou they never got around to eating and don't plan to. >> just keep pulling this stuff
8:35 am
out of here for a while, if you want. >> they aren't all that unusual. americans throw away 150 billion pounds of food each year for. the average american family, that equals more than $1300 in wasted food. >> we waste a staggering amount of food in america. >> jonathan bloom author of "american wasteland" says we waste food because we buy too much in bulk and let food spoil before we get a chance to eat it. >> people need to shop smarter, think about the amount of food that they have on hand before they go to the store. >> in the kirch bomber home, the wasted food is enough to fill an entire countertop. when you look at this pile of food that is going into the trash, what do you think? >> it's a shame. this is horrible. i can't believe it's in my refrigerator. >> it would be real nice to have, you know, the extra money rather than the extra cow. >> wow. that's not strange, either, or unusual? >> no. they are a normal american
8:36 am
family throwing out food every day. we'll talk about things you can do to help prevent the waste that's going on. first of all, your refrigerator, set it up like a grocery store. things about to expire, the stuff about to go bad, put it towards the frobt front so people will go in and grab it and eat it also use the freezer, you buy meat, put it in the freezer, deli meat, turkey you buy at the deli. >> label it and know what's in there. >> you can store the deli meat up to three months and also bread, you can keep it in the freezer, use it by the slice when you need it -- >> like that family there, the bread, the whole loaf turned moldy. if you took half, stuck it in a bag and put it in a freezer you would have it a week later. >> you could keep it. >> a long time. >> now, we have a tip from koeppen's kitchen. >> this is a model of koeppen's kitchen? >> what i do in my house. i have to say i have very little wasted food. keep in mind i have a husband and three little kids and we eat a lot in our house but when i
8:37 am
come home from the grocery store instead of putting everything in the fridge or on the countertop, i put my fruits and veggies, stuff that go bad fast i chop them up and put them in fridge. when somebody wants a piece of pineapple they are not looking at that thinking i'm not going to cut that up, that will sit there. they go in and grab pineapple. >> you save so much more buying it this way and cutting it yourself, you save a lot of dough. >> absolutely. that's my tip. it is very hard to keep fruit in my house. >> how long did it take you to >> a while. store, the last thing i want to >> you do. >> but i do and they eat it. >> is this all right? >> you can have some of that. >> thank you very much. hmm. i love peppers. susan koeppen, thank you. now, here's erica. >> harry, thanks. it is impossible to think of the royals and especially princess
8:38 am
diana without the way she was hounded from the first day she was introduced until the last moment of her life, hounded by the paparazzi. the questions afterwards as to whether or not they would back off a bit. now, the question is kate middleton ready for what may be waiting for her. to help us get a better feel no that neil sean and arthur edwards royal photographer for "the sun" good to have you both with us this morning. is kate middleton, you think, ready for what could be waiting? >> nobody really knows who's ready. i mean, you know, when you join the royal family, how could you possibly know? there is nothing to compare it with. i do think what's not easier for her but, you know, a she's older, certainly a bit more wiser, and i think she has the beauty of looking at history and seeing what sort of direction she wants to go down. when you sort of accomplish yesterday, you could see she's quite a feisty girl. a bit of feistiness. >> and a little taste of that, as well, she's come out in the
8:39 am
past when she was unhappy with photos taken or information that was out there, armed with her lawyers and said, this is not okay some. >> that's right. also, we have human rights laws here now where people can do that. and, you know, she's protected by those laws and the paparazzi know if they go over the mark, they do anything that interferes with her privacy, she can take them to court. i'm sure the palace will do that. they can't have what happened to diana happen to this girl. this girl, as neil said, is 28, she's ready for this job now. it is going to be a tough, tough job. joining this family is not easy. look at the history. but, you know, she's determined. i think looking at william and kate yesterday, he's left it this late because he wanted to be certain and i think this couple will be married forever, i really do. and he will protect her and the palace will protect her. they've got brilliant, brilliant staff under the umbrella of buckingham palace now, own scotland yard with her now.
8:40 am
that won't happen, anyone who comes to close will -- >> something you don't have to worry about at all anymore as a royal? >> the thing, is you can never really account for any public gaffe you may do. i mean, thinking of fergie. >> harry. >> but, you know, i'm not really sort of saying she would do that but certain things like arthur remembers could be the wrong photograph. remember the hot pants, the roller discount. >> a charity event she organized showing her laying down in them but part of the evening but taken out of context. >> misrepresented. i thought for sher she looked absolutely beautiful yesterday, very good comport mant, fabulous hair. >> right, the whole package. >> lovely. >> you could see as he walked in, he as arthur said, i think he was letting her have some of the limelight but you could see i thought when he talked about the break, that she kind of wanted to chip in and i think you will see more of that as it
8:41 am
progresses. >> she's definitely much more outspoken, she's much more sure of herself, more confident than, of course, diana was, also 28 versus 16789 as a photographer, though, you obviously have a certain eye for pictures and what we see in people in pictures. as you watched them together, what really jumps out at you about this couple? >> so comfortable with each other. the body language were such they knew exactly what each other was going to say almost. that's because they've been together so long. they know each other very well. you know, william chatted to us beforehand, with kate, and they went separate groups so confident she could handle sher lf. i thought that was brilliant. you could answer any question and she would answer truthfully and he would answer truthfully. that confidence in each other i thought came true. the first interview with charles and diana, i mean, he kind of nursed her through that and she was a young, demure thing tirnlsts was awkward to watch. >> one of the wos interviews ever. when you look back on it 20 years later it looks awful but, you know, this interview yesterday, when you look on that
8:42 am
20 years' time will still be sparkling and brilliant because they looked so great together. these two, i think, are going to conquer the world. >> i love the way the way everyone is so positive. >> such a romantic. >> we learned prince william, too. everyone is looking saying this is the royal marriage that will last, finally we have one. >> i don't think anyone goes into marriage thinking it is not going to last. >> no, but this is a couple who really projects that love for one another. >> i think again because they've had this great period of learning about each other and i think what people do like and i think what's come away in the -- around the world the fact when they were sort of sitting there together if you watch the film slowly when he is talking about the break and they need shd type apart, you could see what she -- her eyes were saying, you wanted that time. i was quite happy. i was miserable. i thought it was beautiful when she said she was sad and helped
8:43 am
find sher self. what she wanted to say because you dumped mef. >> and look who is back you in. such a treat to have you with us and look forward to speaking with you in the months to come as we look forward to the big day. >> thank you. >> in 19 the 5 a "people" magazine cover photo of mel gibson and headline sexiest man alive started a celebrity tradition still going strong some quarter a century later. joining us with a look at the special anniversary issue and here to reveal 2010's sexiest man alive is "people's" senior editor kate coyne. good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you. you have two to choose from. two covers. >> two covers. same guy. >> it's ryan reynolds. >> there he is, ryan reynolds. >> 2010, sexiest man. >> when you go to the newsstand you get a choice of what colored t-shirt. >> yes. how much you want him smoldering at you, like the full smolder
8:44 am
and the semi-smo der, perhaps. >> let's take a look again. the full smo der and -- >> depending on your taste . >> this is is the smoldering one. >> i think he's very more towards a little playful smirkiness on the second one. >> 25 years in and the criteria is? >> the criteria is actually fairly broad because everyone's definition of sexy, is different. but, you what look for is somebody who will hopefully satisfy many different aspects. there were women who think a sense of humor is incredibly sexy. certainly ryan has thamplsts he has that in spades. >> he certainly sdinchts he's been here, smart and charming and a great sense of humor about himself. >> absolutely. he's able to laugh at himself, be very self-depri indicating and in addition to how funny he is, he certainly is just phenomenal to look at. he's a very, very handsome man. >> when i was going through the thoets they said a picture of him with his shirt off has millions of hits. >> yes. >> people just looking at his --
8:45 am
torso. >> he has been shirtless in several movies and he has trained very hard for those films and it certainly shows. >> all right. it more than shows. >> here's a question of the hour is when do you pick this? do you pick it in july? some of these things are done so far in advance in the magazine world, when do you figure this out. >> we don't plan it too far in advance. i think that would be a mistake if you made a decision in june on who was of the moment right there. it's something that might not apply come november. this is the sort of thing where, you know, a month or so ago, we began to have serious discussions about who would be best. >> there you go. there are other guys in this issue and there are always other guys and there's a section where you took pictures of guys in their man caves? >> man caves, yes. well, very important to a sexy man, his sexy man cave. >> among them tommy lee. >> in his recording studio, yes. >> clad only in a newspaper? >> in a newspaper.
8:46 am
well, tommy feels awfully rel relaxed and at home in his man cave, apparently. so, he had a great time doing the shoot. he was clothed for quite a bit of the shoot, important to point out. >> yeah, that is important to point out. very good. >> conan in the issue, as well and wrote an essay. >> he wrote an essay detailing perhaps an alternate universe in which he has been named sexiest man alive something like nine or ten times and what a tremendous burden it has been on his life. >> he looks good in a dinner jacket. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> he could be sexiest man alive? >> bag back to what i said a sense of humor being a huge turnon for a lot of women i think a lot of people out there, you know, over six feet tall, broad shouldered, extremely funny, why not. >> interesting. what about some of -- vampires are all the rage and there are a couple of guys you have pictures of i'm sadly unfamiliar with.
8:47 am
>> that is joe mangnello on "true blood" a werewolf so broadening the supernatural spectrum, a werewolf and then some. just phenomenally beautiful, just wonderful to look at. >> right. >> and represents a kind of, you know, man's man brawniness that a lot of women absolutely swoon over. then you have on the other indof the spectrum an actor named ina summerhalde reds, much more naughty, sinister, sinuiy -- >> i like this, you have this well covered. >> i'm going to go back, though, 25 years, mel gibson. how did the sexiest man alive, was he chosen as sexiest man alive or a convenient headline.
8:48 am
>> the beginning of the sexiest man alive franchise began when we plangd on a cover with mel gibson anyway and a coverline what would work well to sell this cover one of the editors said, you know, he is the sleksiest man alive and it was slapped on the cover and an institution was born. >> what kind of feedback do you get on issues? >> always get people who think you made a grave mistake not picking someone but overwhelmingly people write in to say thank you, he's my favorite or thank now also featuring this guy or i couldn't believe it when i turned the page and saw so-and-so was there, "loved him for years. we usually get a very good response. >> kate coyne, pleasure to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> enjoyed it. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
i'm afraid to move my hand -- >> in fronts of buckingham palace. >> i have a little. >> what do you have? >> i was going to say, harry, i have the commemorative plate, july, i believe 29th, 1981. >> right. >> when prince charles married, of course, diana spencer became princess diana. i have to say one of the things i was really hoping to see this morning, because in the states, it's sort of like an announcement made and all of a sudden in times square you would have been able to find a special plate with prince william and kate middleton on it. i thought i'm going to find a spoon, i wanted to fibd you a spoon, harry and something special for jeff. they are not out yet however we know they are actually already starting to make the commemorative plates. i think we have video of it. the good news is they may be ready in time for christmas. >> erica, if you want, jack needs some new baby spoons so he
8:52 am
can put in that special request right now. >> and he has a birthday coming up, doesn't he? he needs a special first birthday spoon. >> erica, i don't know if you heard about this, a guy has a sapphire, jewelry company in new york city and sapphire is the name of it, bay of the name, this guy sgees phone was ringing off the hook. he called his wife and said i'm not coming off home tonight. already cranking out of diana's now kate's ring. >> if you re-created the actual ring it would cost how much? >> hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars but they'll make a knock-off that probably goes for a grand or two. >> i'll take the knock-off for christmas. [ laughter ] >> i'll bring you guys back some spoons. you hook me up with the ring. >> all right. >> it's a deal. >> good yob, erica. great job out there today. we especially everybody, especially dave, think of dave. >> yes. >> have a great day, everybody. your local news is next. ♪
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well, frankly this morning, we'll maybe see it clearing. 61 is the high. and i could see it getting warmer. the winds will temper. and we're going to see a bunch of sun. tonight, cooler air comes into the region. and that's at 37 and tomorrow,
8:56 am
it will be chillier than this day. 56 is normal for the 18th day of november. we'll have partly sunny skies. and the overnight weather is closing schools today. parkville closing at 9:30. in north east baltimore city, web is closed. and in anne arundel county, anne arundel is closed because it has no electricity. what knocked out the power, the overnight winds. there and our coverage continues with andrea fujii. >> reporter: hi, don, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake just spoke with us and she's amazed no one was seriously hurt. roofs were ripped off and house siding blown off and crews are working to clear the area of debris.
8:57 am
and all morning long, we've heard about neighbors helping one another and the neighbor heard similar stories. here's what she had to say. it's a miracle to know we're not here talking about serious injury and death based on the passovers that i've seen. it was a miracle. i a em pleased we're all on board. we have the emergency shelter set up and everyone that needs to be here is here to make sure we have the needs of the residents taken care of. now, three were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and crews are inspecting the homes to make sure no further damage has gone on. and we had to take the tower down because of the wind. stay with for updates on the forecast.
8:58 am
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